Allowing you to sell for more $$'s.

What is UPC Exchange?

We allow people in a local peer-to-peer environment to buy and sell any item with an universal product code label (UPC). Individuals enter items they desire to buy and items they desire to sell, UPCX then matches individual buyers and individual sellers, notifying potential buyers that items have been found.

Buyers may also perform manual searches by entering a UPC, ISBN, EAN, or a plain text search to find items they have incomplete data on.

In a nutshell: UPCX gives the price advantage of the individual to individual exchange of Craigslist, the ease, structure, and data completeness of, and the convenience of matching buyer with seller of eBay.

Student Affiliate Account


Looking for a bit of cash while you're completing your degree? Need some part-time income with real world experience you can actually use on your resume?

We're giving affiliate accounts to students to help spread the word and allowing them the possibility of creating a life long secondary revenue stream. (Well, hopefully, some of you are so good, this becomes a full time job for you!)

It costs a buck. But that's only to weed out those that don't have enough confidence in themselves.


Job Openings

These jobs are currently available.

Straight Sales
Chief Marketing Officer
Drupal 6 Back-end Developer (tbd)
Drupal 6 Front-end Developer (tbd)

Job Avail: Chief Marketing Officer

Company:UPC Exchange
Position:Chief Marketing Officer - CMO
(other sales positions are available)

Crowd Funding your Community

Crowd Funding is the new hot rage, but what is it really?

Concisely:  It's pre-selling a persons labor [1].

Be it not yet created CDs of your favorite indie band, a bowl or pot coming from a potter's next kiln run, paying for care of Darwin the "IKEA" monkey, designing the next best razor cleaner (seriously?), or pre-buying subscriptions from a site to help re-vitalize your community and meet some new people who share your interests.

Which is what we're doing.

I'm an Online Sales GURU!


Yes? Good.!. Get to work!

You're so good, you don't need no stinkin' reason to buy an affiliate account? Selling $1K per month is chicken feed? Vastly under your potential?

Okay, buddy, prove it!

I'll give you an affiliate account and if you can sell $2k in 2 months, then it's yours for life. All further restrictions waived. But! If you can't, no money for you and I turn you back into a normal referrer account. (But you get the UPCX credits based upon referrer rates.)

So, belly up to the bar and pay your buck.



Show me a picture!

Okay you want a picture on how this is going to work, huh?


Click to view full size.

Pictorial of UPC Exchange process flow

Founders Page Listing (free with any purchase)


Get listed on our Founders page when you help Crowd Fund UPC Exchange! Want a link as well? Add the Founders Page Listing w/ link to your cart.


Founders Page Listing w/ link to your site


Get listed and an active link to the site of your choice on our Founders page when you help Crowd Fund UPC Exchange!

You must purchase a minimum of $40 in other items for this option to become available.


Pre-purchase UPCX Credits (2x rate)


Pre-purchase UPCX Credits at 2x the normal rate.

Use this option if you just want to donate money to help build the site. You will (eventually) be able to transfer credits to family and friends or use them to exchange for items, so, they won't go to waste.

$1 = 2 x [1000] credits. (Conversion rates between dollars and credits have not been finalized. The currently expected rate will be 10 to a penny to be able to reward adding single elements of information and moderation activities.)

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